PM2017 montréal

From 13.10.2017 to 14.10.2017 Platform Meeting


This 2017 ICoD Platform Meeting (PM) themed 'Design is Global' was a two-day event held in Montréal (Canada)  on 13–14 October 2017 along with the ICoD 27 General Assembly. The events were held in conjunction with The World Design Summit. The format of the Meeting included forums, and will also provided an opportunity for exchange between Members from the educational, professional and promotional sectors. 


The 2017PM programme was designed to permit overlap between Professional/ Promotional and Educational Members.
Members where to participate in all the components of the PM by to submitting a proposal for the Member Forum session, find out more on the topics in the section below. Download the Montréal Platform Meeting schedule here.


In the face of technological advancements of past decades, there is a need for clear delineation between professional designers and amateurs. Establishing standards for design professionals, educators, and leaders through certification programmes, is one way of creating rigorous, standardised criteria. The question is: how do we go about this so that competency and skills are assessed fairly on national and international levels? Presentations on accreditation by Canadian Members addressed this issue in order to open up the issue in its global context.

Discussion Forums
The discussion forums provided an opportunity for Members to connect with colleagues from around the world to talk freely about common challenges and to pool their collective resources. It was a chance for Members to help each other and strengthen their own organisations through international collaboration!

Indigenous Design
The International Indigenous Design Charter is a best practice protocols document to assist designers when working on projects involving indigenous representation. It is intended that the Charter be used to help facilitate accurate and respectful representation of indigenous culture in design and associated media. Past President Russell Kennedy will discuss the Charter and its future goals.

Blueprints for Designers’ Lifelong Learning
Lifelong Learning has ongoing relevance in a person’s life trajectory — it is the ‘glue’ that holds our complex identity of competences, credentials, and actions together and ensures a future of meaningful work. Vice President Cihangir Istek presented on the concepts and outcomes of the Competences, Credentials, Actions Lifelong Learning Workshop held at the 3rd Istanbul Design Biennale.

Regional Reporting on LATAM and ASEAN
Referring to past and future Regional Meetings, Member organisations from these two regions will have an opportunity to discuss regional issues.

Beijing 2018

The 2018 ICoD’s AGM, Board Meeting and Platform Meetings  will be held in Beijing, the host, ICoD Member Central Academy of Fine Arts China (CAFA) gave a presentation on the plan for the upcoming events . ICoD Member Bejing Design Week, host of the 2018 Beijing Special Meeting also presented on the activities that will occur during the same time period.

National Design Policy
National design policies are an effective tool countries can use to develop a cohesive strategy. But what constitutes a design policy, and how can design associations advocate for a national design policy?

Participants from different countries attending the national design policy topic will be encouraged to present on their own countries’ attempts at developing a policy or promoting design and/or the special challenges they face, to review of the many forms national design policies have taken—from fully developed strategic plans, to ongoing programs executed by design centers, to precursor strategies, such as design awards programmes, exhibitions, and manifestos. Looking to the future, we’ll engage in a brainstorming session on what stance we would like ICoD to take on encouraging governments to engage the design sector in developing effective solutions to global issues. Read more about the National Design Policy Work Group.

Member Forum
Members were able to submit a proposal for a presentation on topics outside the ones proposed by the 2017PM for the Member Forum.


The 2017 Platform Meeting was held in one of Québec's leading National Archives: BAnQ Vieux Montreal, the National Library and Archives of Québec. A meeting of Classical and Contemporary architecture, this one hundred year old building was renovated by the winner of the 2008 Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) Gold Medal award. Have a look inside


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Meeting Report

PM2017 Montréal Report

The Meeting Report of the 2017 ICoD Platform Meeting held in conjunction with The World Design Summit (Canada)