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The Council’s mission is to increase the recognition of the value of design, to elevate the global standards of all design disciplines, and to improve the situation of individual designers everywhere. Within this mandate there is much to be done. We are seeking like-minded organisations, government agencies, foundations, and ethical businesses that share our ideals, values and objectives.

The great majority of working designers are not household names. They have a small practice, maybe alone maybe with a handful of other designers. These designers — all of them, together— are making a big impact. Each one of these designers strives every day to do good work, solid work, and impactful work, to support their clients and improve the lives of the users of their designs. Our Council strives to create tools to assist them. 

Everything we do is measured based on investment of resources versus impact for designers. We are interested in issues like design ethics, diversity within design, sustainability through design, the professionalization of design, supporting lifelong learning, design advocacy, community-building and building the profile of design as a profession. 

We are great believers in doing what only we can do, supporting those who can do better than us and collaborating on projects that cannot be done alone. If your organisation has similar values and objectives and would like to collaborate on a project, we would like to hear from you.

Have a project you would like to pitch us? See a project in which you would like to become involved? Do we share a common objective and you have some ideas about how we can tackle them together? Contact our Managing Director at