the 14th hiiibrand international brand & communication design awards

From 08.11.2023 to 31.01.2024 Competition


ICoD is pleased to announce the Member Event 14th Hiiibrand International Brand & Communication Design Awards organised by Hiiibrand. Submissions are open from 08 November 2023 to 31 January 2024.

The Hiiibrand International Brand & Communication Design Awards is an international design award focused on brand shaping and design value. This award aims to promote the communication and development of brand and communication design fields by globally collecting and selecting excellent brand practices and design strengths.

The Hiiibrand Awards are divided into Brand Awards and Design Awards. The Brand Awards commend companies and organisations that have achieved outstanding achievements in brand strategy, positioning, communication, visual image, etc., and the Design Awards commend individuals and teams that have realised design innovation and excellent performance in the field of communication design. As an international, professional, and forward-looking design award that has been going on for more than a decade, the Hiiibrand Awards represent industry authority and standards and are a symbol of high quality brands and design practices.


Brand Award

A. Brand Strategy
Evaluation of the depth, breadth, and implementation of brand strategy
Selection Criteria: Market analysis, target positioning, brand reputation, etc.
Score: 100

B. Brand Image
Assessment of the harmony, aesthetics and creativity of the brand visual image
Selection Criteria: Overall visual image, graphic design, display effect, and related materials, etc.
Score: 100

C. Brand Innovation and Practice
Assessment of the degree of innovation in areas such as communication, product, service, marketing, and the specific effects of successful brand practice cases
Selection Criteria: Brand goal achievement, market response, conversion rate, growth effect, etc.
Score: 100

Design Award

A. Design Creativity
Assessment of the uniqueness and aesthetics of the design work
Selection Criteria: Creativity, expressiveness, attractiveness, user experience, etc.
Score: 100

B. Design Combined with Brand
Assessment of the contribution of the design work to the brand
image, brand reputation, user cognition, brand impression, etc.
Selection Criteria: Coordination between brand image and design, the
effectiveness of brand information communication, etc.
Score: 100

C. Design Influence
Assessment of the influence and driving role of the design work
Selection Criteria: Impact on the industry, driving force, and other comprehensive
Score: 100


Alan Siegel, Erik Spiekermann, Gerry Leonidas, Xin Yue, Kota Iguchi, Joseph Lebus

Levels and categories
Hiiibrand Awards 2022 has two levels, Professional and Student, each is set up with four categories - Branding, Logo, Packaging and Typography.

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