39th graphic design exhibition and competition

From 19.07.2020 to 04.09.2020 Competition


ICoD is pleased to announce the Member Event 39th Graphic Design Exhibition and Competition organised by the Turkish Graphic Designers Association (GMK).


Having been organised since 1981 and served as the collective memory of Turkish graphic design, the exhibition is held in an online format this year. The deadline for early applications is August 7th, while that for the final applications is September 4th 2020.

The application process for the 39th GMK Exhibition for Graphic Design has begun. Sponsored by Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi, the exhibition is held online for the first time. The deadline for early applications is August 7th, while that for the final applications is September 4th 2020. The awards will be announced via online correspondence in November. Consisting of works produced after September 2019, the exhibition also features 24 categories, including the new category of “Orientation Design”.

Aiming to reach wider audiences via the online exhibition in November, 39th Exhibition for Graphic Design also features traveling exhibitions and events encompassing various cities in the context of new states of normality.

The identity design of the exhibition is undertaken by Önder Sakıp Dündar, the winner of last year’s contest in the categories of Corporate Identity, Moving Imagery and Promotional Object Design, as well as stellar performance in other categories.



  • Opening Date of Submissions: 19 July 2020
  • Announcement of Finalists: 05 November 2020
  • Award Ceremony: 05 November 2020

Selection Jury for GMK Awards

    •    Başar Bellisan, Creative Director, GMK Member, Tribal Worldwide İstanbul / Deputy Chairwoman

    •    Can Dağlı, Creative Director, GMK Member, Flama Design House / Founder

    •    Emrah Yücel, Communication Designer, GMK Member, Dreamogram and I Mean It Creative / Founder

    •    Esen Karol, Graphic Designer, Publisher

    •    Ozan Akkoyun, Designer, GMK Member, Paleworks / Co-founder

    •    Ömer Durmaz, Communication Designer

    •    Zeynep Orbay, Senior Art Director, Wieden & Kennedy Amsterdam

Selection Jury for Student Projects

    •    Handan Tepe, Designer, GMK Member, Indigo Toronto

    •    Selin Estroti İpeker, Graphic Designer, GMK Member

    •    Turgut Erentürk, DgTajans, GMK and YEKON Member


Selection Jury for Special Awards

    •    Ayşe Barın Arıbaş, Tevfik Barın, Barın Family Representatives (Emin Barın Logotype Award Jury Members)

    •    Cahit Çetinsu, Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi Sales Coordinator (İhap Hulusi Poster Award Jury Member)

UPDATE: The exhibition is available for public viewing at sergi.gmk.org.tr/39, and features 746 work from 283 designers across 22 categories, including the Student Projects.


Submissions: https://39.gmk.org.tr/
Conditions of Participation: https://39.gmk.org.tr/kosullar
Categories: https://39.gmk.org.tr/kategoriler