d'source corona design 2020

From 15.05.2020 to 15.07.2020 Competition


ICoD is pleased to announce the Member Event D'source Corona Design Challenge organised by Industrial Design Center School of Design.


The CoronaVirus pandemic, although unfortunate and calamitous in its occurrence, has also thrown open opportunities for the design community to play a meaningful role in mitigating and containing its effects. While the problem is a universal one, framing the problem for designing may require both global as well as local sensibilities. We welcome you to this international Design Challenge in seeking creative, innovative, out-of-the-box, resourceful, appropriate solutions. Because there seems no better time than now to use your creative energies and come out with solution(s) that might become a contribution of immense benefit in a real-world situation that is today crying for problem-solving.

The chosen entries will be generously felicitated with accolades. Our intention is to make these solutions available on an open design platform for the maximum benefit of people.

This International call is open to students, fresh graduates, and young designers from around the world. You may work as individuals or work as collaborative groups. You are also encouraged to seek guidance from faculty members and professionals, because we recognise that it takes collective endeavor to come out with something meaningful.

For the international D'source Corona Design Challenge, nine design problem areas have been identified. You may choose to work on one or more than one area. Additionally, you have a choice of identifying your own design problem area outside of the nine listed areas to work with.


** UPDATE: the results of the first round of the D'source Corona Design Challenge have been posted here: https://dsourcechallenge.org/results.html



To faculty members/teachers, we request that you take the initiative to inform, motivate and guide your students to work on finding solutions by addressing the problem areas listed.

To all working professionals, we request that you volunteer some of your time to mentor students or young designers who may be working with you as interns or colleagues.

To all students, fresh graduates, and young designers, registration will help us connect with you with regard to references, sharing reports, connecting with mentors, and sending you updates with regard to this design challenge.

Accordingly, we also urge faculty members, professionals, students, fresh graduates, and young designers to go ahead and register so that we can keep you in the loop and acknowledge your help. Further, this will help us build connections and form networks for future references.

Deadline for submission: 15 May 2020
First announcement of results: 31 May 2020
Second cut-off date for submission: 15 June 2020
Second announcement of results: 30 June 2020
Third cut-off date for submission: 15 July 2020
Third announcement of results: 31 July 2020
Award Ceremony: 09 May 2021



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