exhibition of croatian design 21/22

From 13.10.2022 to 10.01.2023 Exhibition

Croatia (Hrvatska)

ICoD is pleased to announce the Member Event 12th Exhibition of Croatian Design 21/22 organised by the Croatian Designers Association. Opening date of the exhibition is 10 January 2023.

The Croatian Designers Association is organizing the 12th Exhibition of Croatian Design in order to single out, award and promote professional design in Croatia, and thus contribute to the recognition of the design in our milieu. The Exhibition is the central and most important professional design event in Croatia, bringing together the highest quality design works created over a two-year period in all areas of design. In addition to presenting the best of professional work of Croatian designers, design studios and agencies since 1999, when the first exhibiton was organised, the Exhibition includes a student section that provides insight into all current achievements in higher design education. The works submitted to this Exhibition undergo rigorous critical selection by the Selection Committee. This year they selected 325 works, professional and students; among all the submitted works, which will be shown on the Exhibition, presented in the following categories: Visual Communication Design, Digital Media Design/Interaction Design, Industrial/Product Design, Spatial and Graphic Interventions and Systems, Clothing and fFshion Design , Comprehensive Project/Product, Concept/Initiative/Critical Design. The exhibition will take place in the Lauba - House for People and Art in Zagreb in January 2023 and on the online platform. The International jury will be awarding works which show excellence in all phases of development and design, and present demonstrative examples of good design practices. Jury will announce the awarded authors at the Opening Ceremony (January 10th, 2023). The promotion of the publication Croatian Design Review 21/22 will also take place at the Opening Ceremony.

This year a total of 573 works were submitted to the Exhibition of Croatian Design 21/22, of which the Selection Committee, consisting of: Robert Čanak (HR), Dario Dević (HR), Nataša Njegovanović (HR), Luka Perić (HR), Cvetka Požar (SI), Zlatka Salopek Radić (HR) and Juraj Zigman (HR), chose 325, of which 258 were professional works and 67 were student works. So far, since the first edition of the Croatian Design Exhibition held in 1999, this is the largest number of submitted works, but also the most extensive selection made as part of this biennial exhibition project. For the first time this year, student works that will be presented at the Exhibition come from seven higher education institutions from Croatia and two from abroad. The works will be presented at the biennial Exhibition of Croatian Design 21/22 in Lauba - House for People and Art, in the online exhibition, on the platform we established in the first year of the pandemic, and in the publication Croatian Design Review 21/22. All selected works enter the competition for the Croatian Design Association Awards and Spetial Mentions, the most prestigious domestic professional awards in the field of design, which are awarded in 8 professional and 8 student categories. The International jury will be awarding works which show excellence in all phases of development and design, and present demonstrative examples of good design practices. Apart from best design awards in each category, there will be Grand HDD Award to the project which, according to the international judges, has with its quality, innovation, complexness or a clear and strong message of a broad cultural significance considerably leaped ahead of other designer productions. The Selection Committee of the Exhibition has already nominated three projects for this award during the selection process. The HDD Special Lifetime Achievement Award, based on the decision of the CDA Board, will be given to eminent graphic designer Boris Ljubičić this year.

The awards will be decided by the International Jury consisting of Selection Commission members Robert Čanak, Dario Dević, Nataša Njegovanović, Luka Perić, Cvetka Požar, Zlatka Salopek Radić and Juraj Zigman and two other members from abroad: Ajdin Bašić, a graphic designer from Slovenia, and Kostas Medugorac, industrial designer from Germany.

The printed publication Croatian Design Review 21/22 is a fundamental two-year publication that provides an overview of the highest quality Croatian design output from the past two years. An extensive publication of approximately 500 pages presents works selected for exhibition as part of the biennial Exhibition of Croatian Design 21/22. The publication is more than just a catalog. The first segment includes essays and interviews of domestic and international experts in the field of practice, critique and theory of design, both on current and on methodological, social and cultural aspects of design practice itself. In this sense, the Croatian Design Reviews are an effort to contextualize, critically interrogate and archive the current moment of Croatian design. The second and largest segment of the publication contains a detailed presentation of all selected works in seven categories: visual communications, product / industrial design, fashion design, el. media, etc. In addition to graphic and photographic reproductions, all works are presented in short texts that explain the starting points, ideas and process of project implementation. The third segment of the publication presents the activities of the Croatian Designers Association in the period between the two biennial exhibitions. The publication is bilingual (Croatian-English).

The day after the opening, lectures by foreign members of the jury will be organized in Lauba.


  • Opening Date of the Exhibition: 10 January 2023 (the day of the Opening and Award Ceremony)
  • Announcement of selected works for the Exhibition was on 30 September 2022 (The Selection Committee has already selected 325 works)
  • Launch of Online Exhibition: 15 December 2022
  • Award Ceremony: 10 January 2023
  • Promotion of the publication Croatian Design Review 21/22: 10 January 2023