exhibition of croatian design 1718

From 01.04.2018 to 25.10.2018 Exhibition

Croatia (Hrvatska)

ICoD is pleased to announce the Member Event the tenth Exhibition of Croatian Design 1718 organised by the Croatian Designers Association. The Exhibition opens on 25 October 2018. The professional work will be exhibited in the Museum of Arts and Crafts in Zagreb, and students works will be exhibited in the nearby Isidor Krsnjavi Gallery.

The Exhibition of Croatian Design promotes and awards professional design practice in Croatia. The exhibition sets high professional standards and provides awards to outstanding and accomplishments that have influenced the development of Croatian design. It is a juried showcase of design production from a two-year period (produced from May 2016 until June 2018) in all design fields. It encompasses multi- design disciplines including student works in all of the major categories. Since 1999, the Exhibition of Croatian Design is the only event of this scale and structure in Croatia, well received by professionals and the public for many years now.

Exhibition 1718 aims to cover the entirety of Croatian design production, from highly commercialised projects to those made in a non-profit, cultural and research context.


At this biennial exhibition, the Croatian Designers Association will show a selection of the best designs (both professional and student) created in the last two years. Work that contributes to the field of design for technological innovation and positive social impact will be shown including the following categories:

visual communication design
digital media design/interaction design
packaging design
industrial/product design
environmental and graphic interventions and systems
spatial and graphic interventions and systems
clothing and fashion design
comprehensive project
product and new category project
critical design



April  - Call for entries
June 21 - Deadline for submitting applications
June 26 - July 6 - Selection Committee session
until July 11 - Public announcement of selected works
October 22-25 - International Jury session
October 25 - Opening and Award ceremony
October 26 - Lectures of the members of the International Jury



  • Boris Greiner
  • Ana Labudović, 
  • Dejan Dragosavac Ruta, 
  • Vedran Kasap, 
  • Nika Pavlinek, 
  • Tomislav Mostečak, 
  • Mario Lončarić (all HR), 
  • Susan Sellers (USA)  
  • Slavimir Stojanović (RS)



The International jury will be awarding works which show excellence in all phases of development and design and present demonstrative examples of good design practices.

Apart from best design awards in each category, there will be a ICoD Excellence Award and Grand HDD Award to the projects which are outstanding in quality, innovation, complexity or demonstrate a clear and strong message of broad, cultural significance. The Selection Committee of the Exhibition will nominate three projects for this award in June during the selection process. The Jury will announce the awarded authors at the Opening Ceremony.