hiii illustration 2023

From 12.12.2023 to 14.04.2024 Competition


ICoD is pleased to announce the Member Event Hiii Illustration 2023 organised by Hiiibrand. The call for submissions is open from 12 December 2023 to 14 April 2024.


The Hiii Illustration International Competition is open to illustrators, creative professionals, agencies, teachers, and students around the globe. It aims to uncover and honour exceptional illustrative talents and works globally, all in the name of advancing the development of the illustration field internationally.

Since its inception in 2012, the Hiii Illustration International Competition has seen 11 consecutive years, has invited over 60 international judges from 5 continents, and has received over 26,000 submissions from more than 100 countries or regions. With more than a decade of groundwork, the Hiii Illustration International Competition is now one of the most influential illustration competitions in the world, known for its scale, high-quality works, and industry influence.

Hiii Illustration 2023, the 11th edition of the Hiii Illustration International Competition, includes four categories: A-Commercial, B-Publishing, C-Children's Book and D-Uncommissioned. A panel of reputable international judges will select winners: 1 Grand Prix, 20 Best of the Best, and 100 Merit Award recipients will be chosen.

Winning or being a finalist in the Hiii Illustration International Competition is a true honour for any illustrator!


A. Eligibility Criteria
a. Any illustration works, first created or published from April 2021 through April 2024 are eligible.
b. Entries may be from any country in the world.
c. Entrants can be illustrators/groups, creative agencies, publishers, teachers or students.
d. There are 10 entries each illustrator can submit.
e. The organizing committee does not accept any AI (artificial intelligence technology) created or modified works.
B. Requirements
a. Single Entry
The single entry can be with just one illustration.
b. Series Entry
The series entry can include no more than ten different illustrations.
c. Entry for Children's Book
Each entry for the Children's Book category should be 6 illustrations and 1 cover.

A. Commercial
Illustration works that were commissioned by clients, have been put into production or application.
Examples: advertising, design, product, packaging, place or space, animation, fashion, textiles, gaming, apps, social media, television and web, billboards, cd covers, posters, labels, etc
B. Publishing
Illustration works that were commissioned by clients, have been published or issued.
Examples: books, editorial, covers, magazines, newspapers, comics, handmade books, zines, other publication (including digital formatting), etc.
C. Children's Book
Children’s book illustrations for children under 16.
C-1 Published
Children's books published publicly from April 2021 to April 2024.
C-2 Unpublished
Children's books that have not been publicly published prior to April 2024.
D. Uncommissioned
Uncommissioned illustration works, or commnissioned ones, but haven’t yet been put into production, application or publication.
Examples: Self-generated work, Self-promotion, Experiment, etc.

How to Enter

01. Upload
Go to the new Hiiibrand
a. Click on "Entry Now".
b. Complete the submission step by step.

02. Pay
All payments must be made online.
Only PayPal is available.

Via Email

01. Send
Please send entry files to us at postmaster@hiiibrand.com.
a. Please download and fill in the Entry Form.
b. The image files and video files.

02. Waiting
The committee will reply to the email once it has been sent to assist in completing the submission and payment. Normally it takes 5-7 working days.

※ You can choose to use either A or B as the way to enter.


  • The First Round: April-June 2024 / Free
  • The Second Round: June-August 2024 / Charged $20/Single Entry $40/Series Entry $60/Children's Book
  • The Third Round: August-October 2024 / Free

※ Candidates whose entries make it through the first round judging will be notified from April to July 2024 and asked to provide some necessary information, and pay the entry fee for the second round of judging.

※ Entry fees paid by participants are not refundable under any circumstances.

Winner Package
Winners will be offered the following benefits.

A. Award certificates

Electronic certificates are available free of charge. Paper certificates only upon request and payment.

B. Hiii Illustration winner label

Use of the Hiii Illustration label for the whole lifecycle of your award-winning work.

C. Online exhibition

Presentation of the award-winning product on the Hiiibrand website with images and text as well as a video clip.

D. Winners exhibitions

There will be a series of exhibitions of Hiii Illustration in different cities.

E. Further services

The Winner Package also includes the Hiii Illustration Trophy, the Hiii Illustration books, the creation of a clip for the Hiii Illustration winners and the media support.