hommage: jan rajlich 100 x 100 exhibition

From 13.05.2020 to 08.08.2021 Anniversary


ICoD is pleased to announce the event Hommage: Jan Rajlich 100  organised by ICoD Member Brno Biennale Association.

The event will include 2 exhibitions to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Jan Rajlich Sr, founder of the International Biennial of Graphic Design in Brno.

To mark the 100th anniversary of the birth of Jan Rajlich Sr., the initiator and long-time chairman of the organizing committee of the International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno, the SBB Brno Biennale Association organized an international poster event. In 2019, 100 invited graphic designers (JR 100×100) created their original posters dedicated to Jan Rajlich. In 2020, the Brno Biennale Association decided to expand the event and invite other graphic artists – the professional public – via the Internet (JR 100+). By the deadline of both events, which was 31 March 2020, the organizers had received a total of over 330 posters from 195 artists/designers from 34 countries.

The result is two exhibitions:

  1. The exhibition of 100 posters by invited artists (JR 100×100)
    Exhibition date: 24 September, 2020–08 August, 2021
    Location: Governor’s Palace, Moravian Gallery in Brno, Czech Republic (Czechia)
    The exhibition will feature 100 posters by 100 invited artists/designers from around the world.
  2. The exhibition of another 100 selected posters (JR 100+)
    Exhibition date: 23 September –23 November, 2020
    Location: Foyer of the Scala Brno University Cinema, Brno, Czech Republic (Czechia)
    The exhibition will feature 100 selected posters by 78 artists/designers from around the world.

Both poster exhibitions events were continuously documented on Facebook in the public group Jan Rajlich 100+  and will be exhibited online: http://sbb-bienale-brno.cz/.

A common representative catalog for both exhibitions with reproductions of all the 200 selected posters.



Jan Rajlich Sr was a poster artist, typographer, pioneer of a unified visual style and information graphics in Czechia. He founded of the International Biennial of Graphic Design in Brno (1963) and was its president for 30 years.
He was also a publicist, pedagogue and organizer of cultural life.

In his work he sought to overcome the barriers between design and art, promoted the design of visual communications and its recognition and adequate place in society. Jan Rajlich Sr was the recipient of many awards, including:


In the conditions of the JR100 event, it was stated that designers have the opportunity to focus their poster on the personality, life, and work of Jan Rajlich, while it is possible to list only the initials JR100, or they could elaborate on Jan Rajlich, graphics / graphic design / visual communications design theme or they could design a variation on one of Jan Rajlich’s famous posters. 

The events associated with the celebration of the anniversary and the opening of the exhibition, originally planned for April 2020, were postponed due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Only the ceremonial laying of the wreaths from the City of Brno and the family took place on the tombstone of Jan Rajlich in the honorary burial ground of the City of Brno (9 April, 2020). A memorial bronze plaque was installed at Jan Rajlich’s birth house in Dírná No. 40, Tábor district (10 April, 1920).