ICAD design days 2020: reiterate bearings

From 29.04.2020 to 04.05.2020 Conference


ICoD is pleased to announce the Member Event ICAD Design Days 2020: "Reiterate Bearings" organised by INTI International College Subang Center of Art & Design


IDD, better known as ICAD Design Days is an annual celebration held by INTI Center of Art & Design (ICAD) in conjunction with ICoD's International Design Day (IDD).

Launching on 04 May 2020, the theme of IDD2020 is "Reiterate Bearings”, in which we are reflecting on and re-emphasising our values of professionalism and what it means for us as a design education institution and the larger impact we have on the design community.

At ICAD, we aim to:

    •    design for positive change in society and the world;

    •    collaborate closely with industry partners to create a lifelong experience;

    •    foster a belief in competitions to achieve a creative edge; and

    •    encourage growth through cross-disciplinary knowledge.

As such, the four main values of our ICAD Manifesto - ethical design, industrial relations, competitive edge, and multidisciplinary practice - has inspired the IDD2020 theme titled REITERATE BEARINGS.



There is a strong calling globally — especially in the current climate — to exemplify the professional role and responsibilities of a designer towards humanity, planet, and culture while advocating for a positive, ethical relationship between the design community and our world.

In answering this call and in response to IDD2020 theme of “Be Professional”, ICAD, armed with our manifesto— aims to challenge and inspire not only ourselves and our design students, but our surrounding design industry and community as a whole to rethink the nature of our work and the values of our design practice. With this reason, through the reiteration of ICAD’s values and philosophies, we hope to challenge and inspire our design community and industry to do the same.

To kickstart ICAD’s bearings for 2020, we will be engaging with the design community, our industry partners and stakeholders to gather a series of thought-provoking questions and perspectives on current issues in relation to the core values of professionalism.

This series of questions will be used as prompts and challenge the way we work as designers and educators, stimulating deeper discussions through a series of talks, seminars and conversations with the design community on the nature of being a design professional and the values of our work as a collective.

Through this effort, ICAD also aims to produce a publication that compiles a series of thoughts and maxims that could inspire and challenge practitioners. This publication will be made available to the public, in hopes to leave a bigger footprint by enhancing awareness and education.


ICAD Design Days 2020: Re-Iterate Bearings
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