joseph binder award 2022

From 20.12.2021 to 15.04.2022 Competition


The Council is pleased to announce the Member Event Joseph Binder Award 2022 executed by the Design Austria. Graphic designers, illustrators, advertising agencies, and students enrolled in relevant courses from all over the world are invited to enter their works realised in 2020 and after by 15 April 2022. 

The Joseph Binder Award is an international competition with a focus on graphic design and illustration and was first launched by designaustria in 1996. It is named after one of the major graphic designers and illustrators active in Austria between the two World Wars, who subsequently also revolutionized visual communication in the United States.

The Joseph Binder Award aims at recognising and defining current bench marks, highlighting leading social, cultural, and economic markers, encouraging the improvement of standards in graphic design, and raising the general awareness of superior design quality. It is meant to honour the merit of existing work that exhibits design excellence.

Participation is open to graphic designers and illustrators and to design students from all over the world (as individuals or teams). They may enter projects in the fields of graphic design and illustration published or realised in 2020 and after. The number of entries is not limited.


    1. Corporate Design
    Corporate identity programmes, logotypes, office stationary, etc.
    2. Communication Design
    Ads, mailings, leaflets, brochures, social media, online campaigns, calendar, stamps, etc.
    3. Information Design
    User instructions, signage systems, exhibitions, stands, diagrams, etc.
    4. Type Design
    Fonts, lettering, etc.
    5. Poster Design
    Indoor and outdoor posters of all formats and genres
    6. Editorial Design 
    Books (fiction and non-fiction), art and exhibition catalogues, annual reports, magazines, newspapers, etc.
    7. Packaging Design
    Packaging graphics, labels, etc.
    8. Screen Design
    Websites, microsites, apps, interface design, newsletter, software design, etc.
    1. Book Illustration
    Illustrations for children’s books, fiction, poetry, non-fiction, graphic novels, etc.
    2. Media Illustration
    Illustrations for periodicals, newspapers, etc.
    3. Commercial Illustration
    Illustrations for advertising media, etc.
    4. Illustration in Miscellaneous Applications
    Illustrations for diverse communication media, animations, game design, storyboards, etc.
  3. DESIGN FICTION (special category)
    Unpublished works, independent projects, unrealized concepts, school projects, etc. in all graphic design and illustration disciplines

    Works to be entered in several categories must be registered separately for each category.
    This competition assesses exclusively works in the field of graphic design and illustration.

Two-stage jury (1. online jury, 2. offline jury)
In a first round, the jury will rate all of the projects entered online. Those projects scoring highest will subsequently have to be sent in the form of printed examples (if available) and be assessed physically at designforum Wien in July 2022.


The entrants have to register online at


First entry: 115 euros
Reduced fee for members*: 90 euros
Reduced fee for students: 55 euros

Each further entry: 80 euros
Reduced fee for members*: 65 euros
Reduced fee for students: 40 euros

*Members of the following, supporting partner organisations:
Allianz deutscher Designer (AGD)
Associazione Italiana Design della Comunicazione visiva (AIAP)
Alliance francaise des designers (AFD)
Bund deutscher Grafik-Designer (BDG)
Croatian Designers Association (HDD)
Swiss Graphic Designers (SGD)
Typographische Gesellschaft München (tgm)
Design Denmark
Design Luxembourg
typographische gesellschaft austria (tga)
typographische gesellschaft münchen (tgm)
Czech Union of Graphic Design (UGD)
The Association of Finnish Illustrators (Kuvittajat)
Brumen Foundation
Vereinigung der slowakischen Illustratoren (ASIL)
Turkish Graphic Designers Association (GMK)
Association of Polish Graphic Designers (STGU)
Shenzhen Graphic Design Association (SGDA)
Iranian Graphic Designer Network (IGDN)
Japan Graphic Design Association (JAGDA)

The works entered will be evaluated by an international jury of experts. Members of the jury (and their family members and employees) are excluded from participation in the competition. The international jury of experts will assess the projects entered in two rounds: first in the online selection process and in the original.

The following jury members have been nominated for 2022:

  • Claudia Siebenweiber, Germany
  • Camille Sauthier, Switzerland
  • Torsten Meyer-Boga, Designer, Germany
  • Anna Fahrmaier, Austria
  • Lena Pianovska, Poland
  • Jesper von Wieding, Denmark
  • Jiří Karásek , Czech Republic
  • Marlies Visser, Netherlands
  • Xuefeng Bi, China
  • Reka Kiraly, Finland
  • Steven Heller, USA
  • Gerd Baumann, Germany
  • Barbara Baumann, Germany

In each category, a Joseph Binder Award in gold, silver, and bronze will be awarded in the form of trophies: the ball of crumpled paper encased in glass is a symbol for the creative process.

In order to support independent, conceptual, and scientific activities in the fields of graphic design and illustration, money prizes will be awarded in the Design Fiction category in addition to the trophies:
First prize: 2,500 euros
Second prize: 2,000 euros
Third prize: 1,500 euros

Additionally, the jury may choose up to five Merit Awards per category. All of the entries selected by the jury will be published in a catalogue. The jury may withhold or reallocate awards and money prizes.

Entrants will be notified of the results after the jury process (July 2022). Entrants whose works have been selected agree to supply high-resolution images of the respective work(s) for reproduction in the catalogue free of charge.