taipei design award 2022 (TDA)

From 15.04.2022 to 28.10.2022 Competition

Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)

ICoD is pleased to announce the Member Event Taipei Design Award 2022 organised by the China Productivity Center. The submissions to 2022TDA are open from  15 April 2022 to 15 July 2022

Above: 2021 Award Ceremony

TDA has entered 15th year and has consistently collaborated with and endorsed by international design organizations. The proportion of international participation was over 70% which has made TDA become an indicative international design competition.

Taipei City Government organizes the Taipei Design Award (TDA) in the ethos of “Design for Adaptive City”, as an on-going gesture to the world, particularly to those with a passion for creativeness and design, a gesture in projecting the urban branding imagery of “Design Taipei; Dream Taipei”.

Here is an open call for outstanding international designs and an effort to shape Taipei into a convergence platform for creative designs, thereby to discover creative designs with business potential, and further still, to encourage practices of social design in an advocacy that design as a medium can bring humans a better, more pleasant and convenient life.

Last year, there were 5,545 entries from 72 countries and regions participated and the numbers of submissions set new records again. We welcome globe designers to join 2022 TDA and to express creative to win the grand prize.

Note: The competition was known as Taipei Industrial Design Award between 2008 and 2011, re-named in 2012 as Taipei International Design Award, and re-named again in 2022 as Taipei Design Award, and has been so called since.

Above: 2021 online final selection meeting 


1. Industrial Design: Industrial design refers to design works that can be mass-produced, including general and digital application, transportation tools, equipment and instruments, daily utilities and household goods, IT and home appliances, etc.

2. Visual Communication Design: Visual communication includes designs of digital graphic creations, identity, posters, packaging, and printing.

3. Public Space Design: Open space provided for public use, government buildings, and private establishments that are partially provided for public use.

It will select Golden/Silver/Bronze prizes with prize money NT$ 500K/200K/150K for each category.

Special cross-category awards: In addition to the three major categories, the 2022 TDA also set up four special cross-category awards including the Taipei City Mayor Award, Advanced Application Award, Circular Design Award, and Social Innovation Award.

The Taipei City Mayor Award also is the grand prize of TDA with NT$ 600K, this is presented to the work that targets Taipei City for its design service and submits -- from the perspectives of urban developments, life of city residents, and public services -- the creative design proposal with the most impact on users and on urban sustainability.

The Advanced Application Award is a wish to encourage those works which have been mass-produced to break the traditional framework, use innovative materials, simplify the process, strengthen the refinement of application, and further create commercial value.

The Circular Design Award is a new set-up to encourage designers to add new technology and new ideas into products to give products new lives, improve the efficiency of the use of various resources, and to shape Taipei into a city with design vision.

The Social Innovation Award is presented to encourage designers to come up with more ideas regarding public interests. We are looking forward to seeing more practical works, projects, services are created to help society actually solving problems on daily bases and confronting challenges from city development.


  • Opening Date of Submissions: 15 April 2022
  • Submission Deadline: 15 July 2022
  • Announcement of Finalists: 19 August 2022
  • Award Ceremony: 28 October 2022

Above: 2021 award ceremony red carpet interview

Above: 2021 Taipei City mayor award winners work maker space


It will be composed according to the standard of International competition by convener mechanism. We invited three design experts to be the convener of three categories, including Cheng-Neng, Kuan, honorary chair professor of department of industrial design in Shih Chien University for Industrial Design category; Leslie Chan, Director of Leslie Chan Design Co., Ltd. for Visual Communication Design category; Cheng Chung, Yao , the outstanding interior designer for Public Space Design category.

Through a professional and rigorous selection mechanism, outstanding works will be selected and potentially innovative ideas will be encouraged and explored.