taiwan design week

From 01.12.2023 to 10.11.2023 Festival

Taiwan (Chinese Taipei)

ICoD is pleased to announce the Member Event Taiwan Design Week organised by Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI). The Taiwan Design Week will take place at the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park from 01–10 December 2023.

Taiwan Design Week hosts its inaugural event in Taipei with a programme of events centring around the theme Elastic Bridging, which focuses on sustainability and innovation.

Launched by the Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI), the festival is located in the city's historical district, with exhibitions, forums and an awards ceremony.

The Theme Exhibition hosts 60 designers – five of whom are international – to showcase projects addressing the event's theme.

For insights now and future, Taiwan Design Week invites nearly 70 speakers from nine countries to present local and international design trends at the Design Forum. Registration is open now.

The forums cover key issues from sustainable development, smart innovations, artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction, design policy, urban design indicators, architectural trends, to urban aesthetics.

"Industrial innovation forums unveil popular topics in Taiwan and around the world"

To ensure sustainable development, it’s necessary to stay updated on the latest trends. Taiwan Design Week is committed to being the platform that connects local and international design communities. Top speakers are invited to discuss about latest issues. What are the latest perspectives on sustainable development and urban approaches worldwide? As artificial intelligence impacts the world, how should design and other industries respond? After the pandemic, people pay more attention to exercise and healthcare. How should spaces be designed to fit these needs? How can architects take projects from other parts of the world? The forums invite experts from many fields to highlight the latest trends and developments.

"Pioneering design forums foresee design opportunities in the future"

Taiwan Design Week follows prospects in design studies and presents a series of leading issues. How will design influence public policies? Human-machine interactions have experienced major breakthroughs with tech advancement. Which applications are upcoming in the near future? As over half of the global population lives in metro areas, public and private sectors are driven by SDGs to upgrade their efforts. What roles can design mindsets play in the transformation journey? These forums invite scholars and researchers to what’s possible in the future.

"For urban aesthetics and vision, public service innovations are driven by design"

Urban infrastructure is closely related to quality of life. In recent years, more public spaces and facilities have been renovated. Many are streamlined to increase visual appeal and functionality. Three conversations will showcase 14 case studies across ten cities in Taiwan. Design teams and government officials will explain their collaboration models and adaptive design practices for a better future.

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