graphic design professor, layout and editorial design

College of Art, Design, and Audiovisual Communication

Valid from 21.12.2023 to 05.01.2024

The Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral throw FADCOM is excited to announce an academic opportunity for a professor with outstanding experience in Graphic Design, focusing on Layout and Editorial Design.


Ph.D. in Graphic Design or Related Field: We seek a qualified academic with a Ph.D. in Graphic Design, Visual Communication, or a related field.

Experience in Layout and Editorial Design: The ideal candidate will have a strong background in conceptualizing and executing editorial design projects, demonstrating a deep understanding of current trends and best practices in this field.

Teaching Experience: Teaching experience in higher education institutions is valued, along with the ability to inspire and guide students in the development of creative and technical skills in Graphic Design.

Research and Publications: The candidate is expected to have a research record with contributions to Graphic Design, preferably evidenced through publications in specialized journals and conference participation.

Language Proficiency: While proficiency in Spanish is important for effective communication, it is not a strict requirement during the first year. However, candidates should be willing to engage in language learning if they are not already proficient.


Teach courses in Graphic Design, with a special emphasis on Layout and Editorial Design.

Guide practical design projects and encourage creative innovation among students.

Contribute to the ongoing development of the curriculum, incorporating the latest trends and advancements in Graphic Design

Research lines: Design, Art, and CultureAudiovisual Communication and SocietyArt and TechnologyLink College of Art, Design, and Audiovisual Communication