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27.04.2016 ICoD news

Thank you to all who participated in World Design Day 2016: Design in Action! And special thanks to Peter Bankov for leading the theme with his series of WDD posters. This year, as part of this global celebration, ico-D invited you to document examples of great design in your city or community.

"One of the great things about design is that it can make such a big impact on everyday life. From the bike paths that make zipping around the city safer and faster, to the telephone that connects you to your friends and families, to the way-finding that helps you not get lost and the high-tech gear that helps you do the sports you like, good Design, meaningful Design, is constantly in Action!—helping, directing, improving, creating. We want to see Design in Action! where you are—in your region, and in your life."

We had over 100 submissions this year! Have a look at a some of the responses:

From New Zealand: The Wellington Chapter of the Society of Experiential Graphic Design celebrated WDD2016 with a walk and a talk in the Pukeahu Memorial Park with two of the designers — landscape architect Nicole Thompson and experiential graphic designer Neil Pardington.


From Spain: Leticia Martinez shared La Escuela de Diseño's album"Some of our pupils during the work of the mural in Patio Herreriano Museum at Valladolid and the lettering in some boutiques. We had a very wonderful Design Day!"

From Prague: Here is one way Peter Bankov's signature WDD2016 poster appeared—on a city billboard next to Canadian band the Weeknd! 

Special Thanks to On/Off Studio (Berlin) for their submission :DOMESTICITY IN PUBLIC SPACE // Bratislava 11.15

ON/OFF is a network of designers, architects, curators, filmmakers and urbanists. We primarily conceive of tools - structures both physical, social and fictional - which enable shared engagement with the citizens of the place where the experiments are carried out. "For our submission to WDD2016 we resent an urban project we built in Bratislava. We built mobile/wearable/moveable furniture with architecture students during a public space festival and used these ‘machines’ to take over and inhabit different spaces around the city of Bratislava for short periods. Here are some images from some of those spots."


Special Thanks to Dynamic MTL (Montréal) for their submission, WORK MODE: a panel discussion about the various ways of producing creative work—from freelancing to launching a successful start-up. DynamicMTL is an organisation created to fuel Montréal's digital and creative communities with enriching and accessible knowledge-sharing experiences, cultivating innovation across the city.


From New York, USA: ico-D Member shared more than one example of great design around New York City on @theicod Instagram. See more using #wdd2016 and #designinaction.


From Korea: Helen Cho documented her video of cyclists on a city path for #WDD2016. See the original on Facebook:


From Panama: Mao Kido shared Punto BohemioVISUALISTMO: World Design Day Panamá 2016.


From Malaysia: Graphic Design Association of Malaysia (wREGA) shared their participation WDD in championing the birth of the National Design Act. — with Arez Ezman, Asri Ahmad, Zafri Z. Merican and Debbie Gan.


Also from Malaysia: Nur Hisham Ibrahim shared Kapal Lorek art space & UiTM Seri Iskandar, Malaysia.



From Montreal: Design in Action! Event at the ico-D Secretariat, with a presentation by local design studio RAP.


From California,
USA: bonfiliodesign#DesigninAction It's#WorldDesignDay recognizing the value of #design and its capacity for change. Gorgeous #graphicmural gives life to a live/work building and the neighborhood it lives in. #NOHO #LA ::: #WDD2016


From Winnipeg: #Designinaction


From Montreal: On the occasion of World Design Day, Icsid highlighted the 2016 World Design Impact Prize winner, Warka Water.

Some chose to forgo the theme and just celebrate with us through their own modes of expression:


repost of @ntuadbe#whatsinsideyournotebook

From Pakistan: Muhammad Daniyal‎ shared his poster.


From USA: Omar Sosa-Tzec shared his poster.


Signing off with tuandwe #WDD2016 ¡Feliz Día Mundial del Diseño Gráfico! Para nosotros, la vía para comunicar y transmitir cómo sentimos la vida. A todos los compañeros del gremio: ¡Que no pare el diseño! 


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Thanks again and see you next year!


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The WDD2016 visuals were designed by the multi- talented Russian poster designer Peter Bankov. Working between Moscow and Prague, Bankov also works “between terrible design and beautiful, national and anti-national, West Slavic and East Slavic, European and Asian design.” Founder of Design Depot studio and editor of KAK magazine, Bankov has managed to produce over 800 posters, what he calls his “design opuses.”