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25.04.2019 ICoD news


ico-D is pleased to welcome new Member  a college that promotes a multidisciplinary programme for young designers. 


The department of Architectural and Interior Design Engineering at Gulf University Bahrain was established in 2005. Currently the department offers a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design Engineering. With its technology-oriented curriculum, the programme is committed to graduate professional interior designers ready to work in practice and pursue further postgraduate studies in the field of interior design and related disciplines. College graduates are empowered with the competences and attributes required for the development of the profession and communities in Bahrain, the region and worldwide.

Student work at the College of Engineering/Architectural and Interior Design Engineering

Student work at the College of Engineering/Architectural and Interior Design Engineering

Prospective students will be interested in art, design and engineering with an aim to develop their knowledge and skills. Students will develop their creative, critical and analytical skills and learn about being life-long learners to enter the profession of interior design and related industries.
The students will be engaged in design projects throughout their study progression reinforced by a wide range of supportive courses to develop their written, verbal, and visual communications skills.  In addition, they will establish a robust understanding of the functional, aesthetic and social roles of interior design. They will broaden and deepen their awareness of construction and rehabilitation technologies, buildings services, and professional regulations implemented in the design and practice of interior spaces and furniture.


Gulf University was the first private university in the Kingdom of Bahrain with an Engineering college which was established in 2003. The College of Engineering at Gulf University considers excellence as the  framework and guiding of its work, as is reflected through its approach to education, learning and scientific research and community service, in accordance with the mission of the University.

In order to succeed in a competitive environment, the College of Engineering recognises that engineers of the future will require an interactive and multidisciplinary  education which incorporating a traditional technical education with social activities. The College of Engineering offers a bachelor's degree programme in “Interior Design Engineering” which features modern laboratories and studios. The distinguished academic faculty comes from a diversity of backgrounds and academic experiences. With a focus on Interior Design, Art and Architecture, students at the College college take a range of courses in the fields of both Humanities and Sciences. The College encourages students to take advantage of all services, facilities and support networks available across disciplines at Gulf University.

Informal student workspace at the College of Engineering/Architectural and Interior Design Engineering

Most of all, the College action promotes diversity and delivers outstanding research, education and public engagement. These values are the guiding framework for all activities and strategic action within the College, determining research priorities, curriculum and course design, staff appointments, engagement in the public arena, administrative arrangements and infrastructure investments.

All staff within the College, whether they be academic or professional staff, contribute, through their work and involvement in the College, to one or more of the objectives outlined in this action plan. Ultimately all faculty are assessed through their various modes of contribution towards achieving the College’s vision.

Student work at the College of Engineering/Architectural and Interior Design Engineering



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