internacional poster call BICeBé 2021

From 05.10.2020 to 12.03.2021 Competition


ICoD is pleased to announce the Member Event Internacional Poster Call BICeBé 2021 organised by the Bienal del Cartel Bolivia BICeBé.


The Biennial of Poster Bolivia is honored to present the International Poster Call BICeBé 2021 and invites graphic designers from all over the world to participate in this important activity of the world’s poster design agenda.

The city of La Paz in Bolivia — headquarters of the BICeBé for more than 11 years— has witnessed an event that celebrates and brings together students and professionals from Bolivia and Latin America to share with design master from Europe, Asia and America. BICeBé also seeks to highlight the maximum potential of design as well as profound reflection and good practices through an open event for young generations and respectful environments for design masters who share their knowledge during the week of activities.

In the latest version, the biennial received more than 10,700 posters from 87 countries, positioning the event as one of the most prestigious in the world representing the highest standards in Latin America.

This new international call seeks the maximum expression of design and creativity and invites all ICoD members to share it within your networks with colleagues, students, educational institutions as well as cultural affairs representatives. Submissions:


01. Participation in this call is free and has no fee.

02. Contestants may participate with posters designed between April 2019 and March 2021, except for those submitting as Category D that must be an unpublished poster.

03. Each contestant can submit up to ten (10) posters in categories A,B,C & D. Category D does not accept series. Category E will accept up to two (2) motion design posters per designer. Series are not counted as a single poster.

04. Design technique is free. The original design format for categories A,B & C may not be less than 50 x 70 cm. In Category D design format must be 70 x 100 cm. VERTICAL. In Category E Motion Design Poster, proposals must have the following specs: size: 1080 x 1920 (square pixels), time: 20 seconds (30 fps), format: MP4 (h.264 / high bitrate) Maximum weight 30MB

05. Posters submitted may participate in the following categories:

Published works:

Category A Cultural posters

Category B Social posters

Category C Advertising or commercial posters

Category E Motion Design Poster. Free Topic


Unpublished works:

Category D Unpublished posters on the topic: NO COURSE TO THE INTERIOR SPACE.


Kiko Farkas. Brazil

Rikke Hansen. Denmark

Mehdi Saeedi. Iran

Joanna Górska. Poland

Art Chantry. United States

Natalia Volpe. Argentina

Fidel Sclavo. Uruguay

Cynthia Patiño. Bolivia

Daisuke Kashiwa. Japan


United States of America


BICeBé will award the First, Second and Third Place of all categories with a Diploma of Honor and Medal.

The First Place in Category D Unpublished Poster: NO COURSE TO THE INTERIOR SPACE will receive $usd 5.000.-

The Best Bolivian Poster of all categories and the Best Bolivian Poster of Category D will receive a Diploma of Honor and economic recognition.

To read the full rules and conditions of participation please visit:


We can’t fly,

we can’t dance tight,

we can’t play with strangers.

The outside has filled with limits,

the world shrunk.

Someone closely talking and laughing

can kill us.

Large cities,

unable to practice cultural life,

are transformed into giant,

empty villages.

The artist’s job is to discover new worlds,

changing the one that exists.

Now, something almost invisible

is doing it without asking for permission.

We can’t physically travel far,

we can travel inside us.

Interior neglected by the excess

of stimuli that arrive from the matrix.

Traveling through our minds,

a landscape without horizon.

It is time for small actions,

reflection and change.

We can use uncertainty as a driver.

The Tao says: A happy man is one who accepts

his circumstance and renounces ambition.

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