icograda archive

The Icograda Archive is held by the University of Brighton in the United Kingdom. It comprises the Icograda poster collection, library holdings, and a significant body of documentation relating to governance, administration and educational activities of the Council.

The poster collection includes more than 1500 posters from 33 countries dating from the early 1960s through to the late 1980s and affords the opportunity to study aspects of the history of communication design in countries whose professional activity has been largely overlooked in established histories of design.

The Icograda Archive forms part of the University of Brighton Design Archives where it is cared for alongside the Willy de Majo Archive (de Majo was Icograda’s founding President), the FHK Henrion Archive (Henrion was Icograda's third president), the extensive Design Council Archive and sixteen other collections, thereby contributing to a major centre and resource for design research, both physical and virtual, already housed and managed by the University of Brighton.


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