The Secretariat, located in Montreal, Canada, is responsible for developing and implementing ICoD’s programmes and partnerships and promoting the work of our international membership network.

  • Marnie Guglielmi-Vitullo

    General Manager

    Marnie Guglielmi-Vitullo


    As General Manager, Marnie is accountable for the overall operational and administrative management of the Secretariat and the implementation of Board-directed strategy and policy. Marnie also develops and executes the online content for International Design Daywhile also overseeing other programs, including the allocation of Member Event seals and Excellence Awards, and Member partnerships. Working to build and sustain a strong presence that best represents the Council’s mandate, Marnie aims to fuel audience curiosity on topics regarding design. Marnie is a born and raised Montrealer, who speaks English, French and Italian. An undergraduate from Concordia University (Montréal) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art History, Marnie has been published in a variety of academic journals, exhibition catalogues, and internet think-pieces exploring themes of technology, identity, and fashion.

  • Alisha Piercy

    Communications Officer

    Alisha Piercy


    As Communications Officer, Alisha facilitates the strategic development and implementation of a coordinated communications plan, including online content, social media, programme and event promotion, press releases and member relations. In this role, she promotes the value and reach of the Council’s Member activities and initiatives and works to highlight new relationships between design news, stories and events around the world. In other work, Alisha is an author and visual artist with a focus on speculative fiction. Currently a PhD candidate in the Queen’s University Cultural Studies Programme (Kingston) Alisha holds a BA in Literature from McGill University, an MFA from Concordia University (both in Montréal) and an MA in Art Conservation from Queen’s University.

  • Administrator

    Yuzhu Hou


    As Administrator, Yuzhu acts as the liaison between Member organisations and the Council. She attends to inquiries related to Membership including event promotion requests, Member invoicing and payment, and ensures that Membership participation remains active at all times. Yuzhu also supports administrative duties at the Council – maintains up-to-date invoicing procedures, monthly membership reports and financial reporting. Prior to joining the Council, Yuzhu worked for various startups and international organisations in Canada and abroad. She is currently completing a Master of Arts degree at McGill University.