29GA kaunas

Photo: A. Aleksandravičius. Kaunas 2022
Photo: A. Aleksandravičius. Kaunas 2022

From 14.10.2022 to 16.10.2022 General Assembly


The International Council of Design is pleased to announce that the 29 General Assembly (29GA) will be held on 16 October 2022 in tandem with the ICoD Platform Meeting on 15 October 2022, in Kaunas (Lithuania) as part of Kauna's year as European Capital of Culture. The events will be hosted by Member Lithuanian Design Association.

At the biennial General Assembly, Members consider and vote on policy, elect the next Executive Board, approve the financial statements, appoint the Audit Committee and ratify the admission of new ICoD Members, as well as discussing important proposals to make ICoD better able to serve the international design community.


Human City Grid | Friday 14 October 2022
Event hosted by the Kaunas European Capital of Culture under the theme "Design for Happiness" (open to the public). The International Forum of Design Networks, an event with the theme ‘Human City Grid’. Design plays an integral part in making urban living more satisfying. In an event bringing together the international networks of various European organisations and ICoD, they will explore the ways in which cities can harness design to improve the lives of their citizens: how government can use design to improve services, how design can help to navigate and inform, how design helps to create community. More details about this event will be announced soon, on this page: https://bit.ly/3pGK1sO. Register to attend this event and to the social programme on the evenings of 13 and 14 October here: https://bit.ly/3TMRCEb.

The theme for the 2022 Platform Meeting is 'Design is possibility'

Platform Meeting | Saturday 15 October 2022 
The 2022 Platform Meeting (open to Members and ICoD Community by invitation) is where Members meet to discuss the global topics that connect them. The Theme of PM2022 Kaunas will be Design is Possibility, exploring the endless potential design has to adapt to a changing world. We accept that design has — perhaps unknowingly or unwittingly — contributed to past evils including climate change, social inequity, cultural appropriation, exploitation and erasing. We are as culpable as any other profession, perhaps more so because what we do is mass-produced, reproduced and packaged so attractively. But ours is a profession of potential. Of hope. Of possibility. We can will what we imagine into reality. And we have a moral obligation to potentialize that. 

Visit the PM2022 Kaunas event page for more information.

29 General Assembly | Sunday 16 October 2022
ICoD 29GA (open to Members only). At the biennial General Assembly, Members consider and vote on policy, elect the next Executive Board, approve the financial statements, and ratified the admission of new Members to the Council. This is a forum to discuss important proposals to better serve the international design community.


The 29 General Assembly and related activities will be held at: 

Otto Hall BLC 2 business centre,
K. Donelaičio str. 60/62, Kaunas


Limited-time special offers for participant accommodation have been secured in two hotels in Kaunas, Lithuania. We highly encourage all attendees to book as soon as possible as reservations are made on a first-come first-served basis. The promotional codes do not have expiration dates but rooms may fill up as many activities will be held in Kaunas.

Option 1
Moxy Kaunas Center, a Marriott property (Maironio g. 19, Kaunas 44250). ICoD Members may access the special rates until 10 September, space permitting, by following the method of reservation detailed below.

*The ICoD Board and Staff hotel will stay at this hotel

Special Rates
- Moxy Queen or Twin Sleeper for Single use: 67 EUR/night
- Moxy Queen or Twin Sleeper for Double use: 75 EUR/night

All the rates are per night, including breakfast and VAT. City tax is additional 1 EUR per person, per night. Parking not included. The group room rates listed above are NET non-commissionable.

Method of Reservations
To reserve, contact the hotel directly at e-mail address reservations@moxykaunas.com with code ICOD2022 (this code must be given in order to receive the rate)
All reservations must be guaranteed with a major credit card or by 100 % pre-payment. The Hotel will not hold any reservations unless secured by one of the above methods. Guest may pay for reservations individually by bank transfer in advance or up-on arrival.

Option 2
Radisson Hotel Kaunas (K. Donelaičio 27, Kaunas, 44240, Lithuania). ICoD Members receive a 15 % discount, the promotional code is: KUN22


Kaunas Capital of Culture (host city)
The Lithuanian city of Kaunas is European Capital of Culture in 2022. The year of activities opened in January 2022 and will include around 40 festivals, more than 60 exhibitions, more than 250 stage events, and more than 250 concerts throughout the year. A designation that encompasses Kaunas and Kaunas District (the city, together with smaller towns surrounding it). The mission of 'Kaunas 2022' is to be a mediator and networker in this journey of change. The organisation aims at the union of cultural organisations and creators in the Kaunas region, Lithuania and Europe for a common goal: a process that reveals the diversity of European cultures and our local identity in it, which would involve local people and partners from various sectors. https://kaunas2022.eu/en/

The Lithuanian Design Association (Host organisation)
The Lithuanian Design Association (LDA) is an independent non-profit organisation formed by the cooperation of professional visual creators. Founded in 1996, LDA takes care on the prestige of designers' profession, stands for designers' interests in government institutions, promotes designers' creative activities, and coordinates work of miscellaneous organizations participating in design process. LDA has been a Member of the International Council of Design since 1999.


Send any ICoD Event related inquiries to Event Manager Elizabeth Carbonell events@theicod.org

This Event page will be updated regularly.

29GA kaunas
Photo: A. Aleksandravičius. Kaunas 2022