PM2024 qingdao

From 16.10.2024 to 18.10.2024 Platform Meeting


The Council is pleased to announce the 2024 Platform Meeting (PM2024) to be held in Qingdao (China) on 17-18 October 2024, preceding the Council's General Assembly. The Platform and General Assembly will be hosted by the Tsinghua (Qingdao) Academy of Arts and Science Innovation Research (TASA), a research campus of ICoD Member Tsinghua University.

Introduced in 2014, ICoD 'Platform Meetings' is a place for ICoD Members to gather to explore common challenges and action for change in a participative format.  Unlike the formal Assembly, the Platform format was created for a more in-depth discussion on current issues in design practice and how they impact professional associations, the teaching of design and, ultimately, the role of the Council in facilitating these exchanges. At Platform Meetings, Educational, Professional and Promotional Members work through current topics of design professionalism traversing the regions and categories.

The Platform Meeting will take place on 17–18 October 2024, followed by a reception and exhibition opening on the evening of 18 October 2024. The 30GA will take place on 19 October 2024, ending with an ICoD Award reception. Participants should plan their departures for 20 October 2024.


Welcome Reception | Wednesday 16 October 2024
An informal reception is planned for the evening of 16 October 2024.

Platform Meeting | Thursday 17 – Friday 18 October 2024
The PM2024 will be conducted in conjunction with the first ICoD-TASA International Conference on Evolving Design Education Curricula. The Conference will showcase keynote speeches, panel debates, and curated presentations, fostering ample opportunities for engagement and interaction.

Current design practice and teaching are mired in outdated consumption and market models, myopic perspectives of design history and, too often, adherence to short-term corporate priorities. At this critical time, facing a climate crisis due to irrational consumption, amidst increasing social tensions – even as advances in technology promise greater benefits for all – good design offers a better future.

This demands reconsideration of traditional standards of professional practice and existing design education curricula. The topics to be considered at the conference include:

  • How should the design education curriculum evolve to cope with 21st-century challenges and opportunities?
  • How should professional standards of practice and codes of ethics evolve to better serve the designer community and how should these be included in design education?
  • How can designers and design educators take “ownership” of the public design discourse that has been appropriated by marketers, corporations and self-styled “lifestyle” proponents – undermining public understanding of “good design” and its potential?
  • How can “History of Design” courses, that currently focus on a Western narrative, mainly reflecting the last 200 years and market-driven models rooted in the Victorian “Industrial Revolution, be renewed, based on the capacity (propensity) of designing as a defining human attribute, common to all cultures and dating back into antiquity?

The Platform Meeting is open to all ICoD Members. Members can register for the Platform Meeting via the GA Registration site (a link was sent to Members).

Non-Member entities and members of the ICoD Community including Iridescent Network members, IDMN members, Affiliates and Lifetime Friends or others who are interested in attending the 2024 Platform Meeting as Observers may do so by invitation of the ICoD President. To request an invitation, please contact General Manager Marnie Guglielmi-Vitullo at

The 30 General Assembly and related activities will be held at:

No. 2565, Jiaozhouwan East Road, West Coast New Area, Qingdao, Shandong Province


A special arrangement has been made with the Qingdao SSAW Hotel to provide accommodation for the Platform Meeting and 30GA participants. The hotel is located in proximity to the TASA campus allowing participants to walk to the venue.

Please reserve your room here. Note that a special rate of RMB 350 has been determined for 13–21 October 2024, including breakfast. Payment will be completed by credit card at the hotel.

Further information concerning the event will be provided, including the issuing of invitations for obtaining visas.


If you have any questions about the upcoming 30GA, please contact our General Manager, Marnie Guglielmi-Vitullo at

This Event page will be updated regularly.

PM2024 qingdao