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05.04.2017 ICoD news


Founded in 2006, (WIDS) is located on the East Lake of Wuhan, in Central China's Hubei province. The school covers an area of 250,000 square meters and is run by Chairman and Executive Director Mr. CHENG Fan, international movie star Mr. Jackie Chan who acts as Director of the Jackie Chan Movie and Media College as well as 474 full-time teachers experts and professors inlcuding FENG Xiaogang, ZHANG Guoli, BAO Manzhu, XIONG Shanbai. Wuhan Institute of Design and Sciences is ico-D's newest Educational Member.


In April 2015, the former Institute of Chutian of the Huazhong Agricultural University changed its name to the Wuhan Institute of Design and Sciences to reflect the vision for its new Bachelor programme, a multidisciplinary degree weighted equally in both design and science. The current building complexes at WIDS include an ensemble of design and science laboratories, a library, an art gallery, a ceramic museum, a sports center, a stadium, dormitories, a medical service unit, and more.


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The school hosts an array of experimental teaching centers, including: the food technology center, the fermentation engineering center, software engineering center, e-commerce and the 3-D animation center. There are other practical centers as well, such as: a studio, a small theatre, a virtual studio, and the campus television station. Other training centers included are: the video photography, animation, clothing design, visual communication design, industrial design, interior design, landscaping, ornamental architecture, a music recording studio and post-editing center. 



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WIDS puts emphasis on the innovative mind of the student and their capacity to put innovation into practice. There is support and encouragement from the school to have the students participate in after-school activities in science and arts—in return, allowing the students to develop ample room to hone a range of interdisciplinary skills. At the same time, the school nurtures the process of taking the students’ skills from practice into the professional realm through a series of internships.


Jackie Chan Movie and Media College is the only international, professional, and media-industry-led institute in China. The well-known star Mr. Jackie Chan opened this college and is dean of this college, personally taking part in the graduation and diploma ceremonies of the students, including the signing the student's diplomas.



The institute prides itself on marrying high technological standards with modern culture. The school is not to be surpassed on the professional platform or in the international field of performance development, animation, artistic digital media and many other multidisciplinary majors that are culturally-focused. 


Students of WIDS have won more than 700 awards at provincial competitions and/or at higher competition levels in mathematical modeling, experiments skills and art design. Among their awards, 11 awards (for 1st and 2nd prize) were won at the China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, 73 provincial awards, including one “1st best group prize award,” at the National Practice for Operational Competence in International Business, a “1st group prize award” and 9 “individual” awards. At the National University of Space Design, the WIDS team won the prize for the best work and also the prize for excellence in design creation, as well as 1st prize for creative design and 1st prize for the best television presenter at the Chinese Television Artist Association.


The graduates have a hiring rate of more than 90% post-graduation, with some achieving 100%, and in certain cases, 32%. A large number of graduates have gained employment at The Bank of China, Guangzhou Liby, the brewery Qingdao, Midea, Baidu, Gome, Yili and other large and well-known companies.






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