new member: bienal internacional del cartel en méxico (mexico)

09.10.2019 ICoD news

(All photo credits to Bienal Internacional del Cartel en México)


"We provoke design’s future"

ico-D's New Member, the  is a civil society organisation founded in 2011, with aim to be an international project dedicated to poster design.

Because posters are such an an effective medium for message transmission, the aim of the organisation is to act as an important information exchange platform, having an agent in charge of collecting information and making a historical record of poster graphics. Most of all, the Bienal is also a project space for creators to gather to bring new, related projects to take form.

BICM+ is the brand of all the projects that the Poster Biennial organises, and all the projects fall under the rubric this non-profit civil society organisation. Some of them are:

International Poster Competition (BICM)
The International Poster Biennial in Mexico is one of the three oldest in the world, and the precursor of its type in America. Here ideas turn into projects through the international poster competition, where visual creators converge. Every two years, this civil society organisation, of the same name, organises the best positioned poster event in Mexico. This initiative is the one which has transformed other biennials in the world, granting Mexico’s image and presence abroad, and initiating young people in the teachings of design as a transforming environment. We have been the precursors of the educative format and leaders in the implementation of technologies.

"We design poster’s present"



International Design Congress (CID)
Designers of national and international stature attend the Poster Biennial every two years—a poster competition which becomes one of the most outstanding design events in the Franz Mayer Museum. This design congress is not only thought of as the moment for designers to relate, exhibit and connect on personal projects, but also to enrich them through conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and multiple activities. The purpose is to provide designers with the tools they need to make their professional purposes possible and strong.

"Forming to design"



A collection of interviews, publications, and over 70 thousand posters, compiled from BICM editions, with the purpose to safeguard one of the most important collections on an international level. This archive was donated in 2015 to the UASLP, in favor of the conservation and distribution of its work, which gave place to the creation of Casa Cartel, Universitary Centre of Graphic Investigation, administered by the Facultad del Hábitat. This collection represents a vast number works representing years of dialogue, conservation as well as creative and cultural evolution.

"Our path to the present"


Collections of works on specific topics commemorating relevant events, important authors, day to day life, design, poster culture, political rights and social historic necessities. These collections include collaborations with various creators which form part of the exhibitions produced each year.

"Poster is our expressive medium"



Sótano Roma Collective
Community service internships, and interns
A work group made up of interns and community service internship providers of the International Poster Biennial in Mexico. With the aim of forming professionals, BCIM recreates work environments where apprentices, under the tutelage of the person responsible for each area, face the task of devising, solving, managing, and proposing solutions to the workflow, characteristic of the area. We look to prove that, when passion to the craft is privileged, the work quality is reached independently of academic levels.

"Disruptive creativity"

The Bienal Internacional del Cartel en México works closely other partners in the community, since without their support the safeguarding of these collections would not be possible. The necessity of creating diffusion for the spaces where artists and creators nurture cultural legacy, is a key aspect of the programming. The thesis of the Poster Biennial might be termed as: design acquires positive meaning when it is focused on the future. This project is one of the most important cultural heritages in visual arts on a global level.

ico-D Member profile page: Bienal Internacional del Cartel en México (BICM)
Official website for Bienal Internacional del Cartel en México (BICM) (in Spanish)