pasadena platforms 2016: recap

07.09.2016 ICoD news


The  were created by the Council as a live space where Professional, Promotional and Educational Members, Observers and Board Members gathered in one place to share common issues and challenges. This year, the Pasadena Prof/Promo and Edu Platform Meetings 2016 were held at the stunning venue: in Pasadena, California.


ico-D Platforms Pasadena 2016, day 1. Prof/Promo topic: National Design Policy


day 1

The first day of the ico-D Pasadena PM 2016 at ArtCenter College of Designin Pasadena (California) generated much discussion and strategies for next steps. The first Prof/Promo Platform topic: National Design Policy (NDP), outlined roadmaps, strategic plans, an identification of stakeholders, what has failed, as well as “new beginnings” were represented by speakers from all continents providing a vast perspective on the status of NDPs worldwide. In the afternoon, a discussion forum devoted to Membership issues outlined the modalities, challenges and successes experienced by Member-based organisations and universities now. The second Prof/Promo Platform topic: Communicating the value of Design, underlined that even though we all know that ‘Design has value’—the public, the business community, and governments need to have a clear, tangible picture as to why, even if that means grasping what is not tangible about the value of design.


Prof/Promo topic: National Design Policy


Prof/Promo topic: National Design Policy Q&A



day 2

'Raising Professional Standards' as part of the the second Prof Platform topic: Accreditation/Certification gathered participants to examine models of certification and accreditation worldwide. Presentations were given by: Peter Florentzos (Australia), Karen Bucher (Norway), Zinnia Nizar Sompie (Indonesia), Julie Hobbs (Australia), Johnathon Strebly (Canada), Stüssy Tschudin (Canada), David Grossman (Israel) and Zachary Haris Ong (Malaysia). The ico-D Annual General Meeting (AGM) marked the middle of the day, followed by the Design & Complexity educational panel held at the stunning Hillside campus, moderated by Heidrun Mumper-Drumm (United States) and with speakers: Michele Jaquis (Otis College of Art & Design), Jessie Kanata (NASA), Paul Soady (ArtCenter), Arden Stern (ArtCenter), Karen Zimmerman (University of Arizona School of Art). The day finished off with a tour of the design studios and grounds followed by a cocktail hosted by ArtCenter provost Fred Fehlau. Every speaker wowed its audience with their passion and critical thinking on day 2.

link to day 2 schedule


Julie Hobbs (Australia). Presentation: Australian design accreditation: the challenge of signalling quality in a non differentiated market


Cihangir Ístek (Turkey). Presentation: Lifelong learning workshop


David Grossman, ico-D President (Israel). Presentation: ico-D Design education project


Hillside Campus at ArtCenter


Participants at the Design & Complexity educational panel


Hillside Campus


day 3

On day 3, the Edu Platform 2016 tackled challenges related to change, uncertain times and also shared aspirations for the development of robust, multicultural design innovation in schools in future. The Platform topic: Curriculum Development. The presenters: Karen Hoffman (United States), Zhao Chao (China), Ziyuan Wang (China), Rebecca Wright (United Kingdom), and Lawrence Zeegan (United Kingdom). In the afternoon, ico-D Vice President Heidrun Mumper-Drumm (United States) led Nuts to butter; a sustainable Design exercise—a ‘serious play workshop’ where we all learned that so often, too much information is missing from the process of design decision-making, and that, unless we do extensive research (i.e., carry out LAC = life cycle assessment) on the full life cycle of the object we are working with, we are operating (designing) blind. The hands-on, interactive experience illuminated sustainable designing to evaluate systems in a whole new way. Participants bonded over everyday materials and peanuts. Finally, the Bilateral Exchange discussion forum examined student exchange, mobility of faculty and research collaborations. The groups each discussed their experiences.

link to day 3 schedule


Heidrun Mumper-Drumm, ico-D Vice President (United States). Workshop: Nuts to butter; a sustainable Design exercise


Heidrun Mumper-Drumm, ico-D Vice President (United States). Workshop: Nuts to butter; a sustainable Design exercise


Rebecca Wright, ico-D Vice President (United Kingdom). Presentation: Designing curricula for unknown futures and uncertain times


With a view to Montreal Design Summit 2017, ideas were sparked and connections between Members forged


Platform Meetings are an annual Members-only event. Members will be receiving a full report of the event. Stay tuned!