07.03.2002 News

Vancouver (Canada) - Earl N. Powell, President of the Design Management Institute (DMI, USA) will join a distinguished panel of lecturers at the Icograda 'Identity/Integrity' Conference. The conference will be held 18-19 June 2002 in Brno (Czech Republic). In his lecture 'Managing the Creative Spirit, The Pathway to Self-Actualisation,' Powell will address the role and impact of the creative spirit on organisational vitality. What are the ethical issues in managing the creative spirit? Why is there a pervasive attitude that creativity is limited to the arts? What is the impact of our educational systems on a nation s creative spirit?
Earl N. Powell has been president of the Design Management Institute since 1985. During his tenure, many innovative programs have been initiated, and the Institute has developed an international reputation for excellence in design management research, scholarship and educational programming. At the 'Identity/Integrity' Conference, Powell and nine other outstanding speakers will define new approaches to shaping corporate identity. 'I feel honoured to speak at this conference' said Powell.
The conference will coincide with the 20th Brno Biennial and will be part of a series of Icograda events to be held in Brno. Events include four Design Perspectives Seminars (17, 19-21 June), a Regional Meeting (17 June), an Education Symposium (20-21 June) and a Student Workshop (20-24 June). Brno is located in Central Europe, 200 km from Prague and 100 km from Bratislava and Vienna. In June 2002, the city will be the international centre of graphic design.

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