Tokyo (Japan) - Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA) has launched a new exhibition titled JAGDA Poster Exhibition: WATER FOR LIFE .
Tokyo (Japan) - Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA) has launched a new exhibition titled JAGDA Poster Exhibition: WATER FOR LIFE .

15.06.2005 News

Tokyo (Japan) - Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA) has launched a new exhibition titled JAGDA Poster Exhibition: WATER FOR LIFE . JAGDA initiated the JAGDA Peace Poster Exhibition in 1983 as a way of promoting peace through the medium of the poster. Since then it has continued, both in Japan and overseas, to hold exhibitions of posters with a message created by association members under themes including peace , the environment , World Heritage and Japan , and these events have enjoyed an enormous response. This year water was chosen as our theme in holding the JAGDA Poster Exhibition: WATER FOR LIFE .

Water is an indispensable source of life for all and every creature existing on this planet. Although people s awareness of environmental issues has clearly increased in recent years, damage caused by drought and severe flooding due to progressing global warming and extreme climate has become further aggravated worldwide. Water issues are now facing a crucial challenge.

The graphic designers and students across Japan have freely rendered their ideas by way of a universal language, graphic design from various perspectives and viewpoints concerning the issue of Water for Life .

At this exhibition are displayed 282 works under the theme Water for Life , 256 entries from graphic designers in all parts of Japan, and 26 works by students selected from among the entries to the exhibition s student category.

Reflecting the importance of the theme, this year s exhibition contains special prizes sponsored by the United Nations Information Centre, Tokyo, and Suntory Limited. The judging session was held on 22nd March, the World Day for Water.

The prize winning entries include the powerful work of the JAGDA Poster Grand Prize, which placed a familiar element, a glass of water before our eyes, and the Student Category Grand Prize winning work, with the motif of many irregular droplets in forms resembling various living creatures, abounding with humor and esprit. The poster which won the United Nations Information Centre Prize revives the brilliant image of Earth as the water planet by its harmonious colors of green and blue and simple form.

The organiser hopes that this exhibition will broadly appeal the importance of water to society by means of the poster, while having the power to arrest people s attention and encourage them to pause .


1. Member category (256 entries)
a. JAGDA Poster Grand Prize: Katsumi Asaba
Born in Yokohama in 1940. Established Asaba Design Co., Ltd. in 1975 after working for Light Publicity Ltd. Among his clients are Suntory, the Seibu Department Stores and the Seibu Saison Group. His campaigns for Takeda Chemical Industries' "Arinamin A" and Nisshin Food Products' "Nisshin Cup Noodles" are widely known. Starting with the JAAC (Japanese Advertising Artists' Club) Special Selection, he has received a number of awards including the JAAC Prize Yamana Prize, the Purple Ribbon Medal and the Tokyo ADC Award Grand Prix. In 1995, he art directed the film Sharaku. He considers his research on the variety of Asian characters and scripts as his lifework. He has contributed greatly to introducing to Japan the enchanting Dongba Script (Nakhi Pictographic Script) of the Nakhi Tribe living in Yunnan Province, China. He practices Japanese calligraphy under Kyuyo Ishikawa and has a wealth of knowledge of the history of typography as well as calligraphy.

b. United Nations Information Centre Prize: Shin Matsunaga
Born in Tokyo in 1940. After completing the design course at the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, in 1971 he founded Shin Matsunaga Design Inc. His major works include corporate identity design for Issey Miyake Inc.; package design for French cigarette "Gitanes" selected as the 1st prize at international competition and the symbol mark design for the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi etc. The permanent collections of 70 museums, such as Museum of Modern Art in New York and Victoria and Albert Museum in London, contain many of his works. He has received numerous awards including International Poster Biennale, Warsaw gold medal, and the Education Minister's Art Encouragement Prize for Freshman. He is a member of AGI. Collections of his work in print include The Design Works of Shin Matsunaga (Kodansha), Graphic Cosmos-The World of Shin Matsunaga (Shueisha), and Shin Matsunaga on Design, +11 (BNN).

2. Student category (463 entries)
a. Student Category Grand Prize
Xuan Shi Feng (Graduate School, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts & Music)
b. Student Category Runner-up Prizes
Hiroshige Oiwa (Tama Art University), Taichi Sayama (Kyoto Institute of Technology), Noriaki Morita (Kanazawa College of Art)
c. Water Blue Ribbon Award (sponsored by Suntory Ltd.)
Hana Akiyama (Tama Art University), Shoko Ishado (Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts), Miho Tanaka (Fukuoka Design School), Masahiro Naruse (Tama Art University), Satoshi Fujiwara (Osaka University of Arts), Izumi Matsuhashi (Tama Art University)
d. Finalists: 16

JAGDA Poster Exhibition: WATER FOR LIFE
Organiser: Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.
Co-organiser: Design Convention Promotion Committee
Special Cooperation: Suntory Limited
Special Support: Toppan Printing Co.,Ltd., Takeo Co.,Ltd.
Cooperation: Recruit Co.,Ltd., Shiseido Co.,Ltd., Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd., Heiwa Paper Co.,Ltd.
Support: United Nations Information Centre, Tokyo

Exhibition Catalogue
Design: Kashiwa Sato
DTP Collaboration: Mamoru Suzuki
*Please contact JAGDA Secretariat for overseas order.

Exhibition Dates for 2005
7 to 12 June: Naha City Gallery (Naha, Okinawa)
2 to 12 July: Oasis 21, Central Gallery (Nagoya, Aichi)
16 September to 20 October: P&P Gallery, Toppan Printing (Tokyo)
*A Special exhibition of awarded and nominated works was co-organised with the United Nations Information Centre, Tokyo at the UN Pavillion, Aichi Expo from 15 May to 4 June.

For further information please contact:

Chika Kudo
JAGDA Secretariat
E: kudo@jagda.org
W: www.jagda.org

The Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc./JAGDA is an organization of professional graphic designers active throughout Japan and abroad. Since its establishment in 1978, JAGDA has continuously aimed to promote the enhancement of graphic design and to contribute to the betterment of cultural life through graphic design. These goals are pursued through a broad range of activities which foster the exchange of knowledge and experience relating to graphic design, including exhibitions, symposiums and publications.

As a member of the International Council of Graphic Design Associations, JAGDA successfully co-organised VISUALOGUE, XX Icograda Congress & General Assembly in Nagoya, Japan in 2003.
Tokyo (Japan) - Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA) has launched a new exhibition titled JAGDA Poster Exhibition: WATER FOR LIFE .
Tokyo (Japan) - Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc. (JAGDA) has launched a new exhibition titled JAGDA Poster Exhibition: WATER FOR LIFE .