new ico-D board elected at 26 general assembly in gwangju

22.10.2015 News

from left to right: Ziyuan Wang, Vice President (China), Heidrun Mumper-Drumm, Vice President (US), Antoine Abi Aad, Vice President (Lebanon), Peter Florentzos, Treasurer (Australia), David Grossman, President (Israel), Tyra von Zweigbergk, Secretary General (Sweden), Zachary Ong, President Elect (Malaysia), Iva Babaja, Past President (Croatia), Cihangir Ístek, Vice President (Turkey), Rebecca Wright, Vice President (UK) (absent). Photo credit: Idzwan Junaidi.


The of ico-D conducted on October 22-23 following the International Design Congress 2015  in Gwangju, Korea concluded with the announcement of the newly elected executive Board.

The new ico-D Board includes: 

  • David Grossman, President (Israel)
  • Iva Babaja, Past President (Croatia)
  • Zachary Ong, President Elect (Malaysia)
  • Tyra von Zweigbergk, Secretary General (Sweden)
  • Peter Florentzos, Treasurer (Australia)
  • Antoine Abi Aad, Vice President (Lebanon)
  • Cihangir Ístek, Vice President (Turkey)
  • Heidrun Mumper-Drumm, Vice President (US) 
  • Ziyuan Wang, Vice President (China)
  • Rebecca Wright, Vice President (UK)

The GA followed meetings of the eduPM and prof/promPM. Work group leads presented their research and findings thus far on the work group topics: certification and professional development, national design policy and communicating the value of design.


ico-D Members at 26 General Assembly (Photo by Idzwan Junaidi) 


Former President Robert L. Peters gave the ceremonial Past President tribute speech to celebrate the outstanding work by Outgoing President Iva Babaja:


"Iva Babaja is the first woman ever, over a period of 52 years to successfully guide this world design body and complete the grueling term as President, a person who is compassionate, empathetic, giving, smart, worldly-wise, politically astute, and blessed with a finely calibrated moral compass... all traits that have served this organization exceptionally well. Those who interact with her professionally or as a friend also know how multi-talented she is, and what a truly loving and lovely person she is.

- Former President Robert L. Peters

The ico-D membership received reports on the activities of the last term and plans for the upcoming term.  Treasurer Peter Florentzos reported on the much improved financial situation, on the upgraded oversight procedures and described the current financial outlook. The 2014 financial report, at the suggestion of the Audit Committee, was approved by the GA. 

Managing Director Ana Masut provided an overview of ico-D program and Secretariat activities, including the much expanded ico-D staff, new Montreal offices and upgraded communications efforts.

Incoming President David Grossman reiterated his gratitude, saying: "I consider myself lucky to begin my term with ico-D excellently positioned to advance. Iva is delivering an upgraded, financially stable ico-D with a highly motivated staff with increased capacities, under excellent management. We are poised to make exciting progress, using our Platforms to develop our agendas. The 2017 Montréal Summit will be a unique opportunity to address critical issues, and provide tangible benefits to our members.

*GA minutes will be circulated to all Members.

In the meantime, mark your calendars:

The next ico-D eduPM will take place at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, USA on August 2016.

The next ico-D prof/promPM and AGM will take place at Bilgi University, Istanbul, provisionally scheduled for October 2016.

The next ico-D GA, along with Platform Meetings, will take place in Montréal, Canada, within the framework of the World Design Congress and Summit on October 2017.