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25.06.2020 ICoD news

All photo credits to Bolivia Poster Bienal (Bienal del Cartel Bolivia BICeBé) 


ico-D is pleased to welcome ) among our new Members. Recognised as one of the most important design spaces in the region, BICeBé has participated in major cultural industry markets in South America presenting its activities both locally and internationally, as well as carried out touring exhibitions in various countries in Latin America, Asia, and Europe.


“BICeBé is a must-destination inside the global design agenda.” Founded on principles around a need for bonding and for sharing knowledge, the first iteration of the Poster Biennial was in 2009. During the planning stages of the event in 2008, an interest arose to bring together Bolivian designers and learning spaces — to generate an identity and voice of its own. 




The concept of the 'Poster' was the starting point, 'the perfect communicable connection,' as described in the cover letter sent to other Biennial’s agendas across the globe. The International Poster Call has grown significantly over time generating the participation of more than 87 countries in a single version. Over time, design in all its expressions has shaped the spaces that the Biennial encourages and creates. 


The Bolivia Poster Biennial recognises that it is crucial to reaffirm the role of design in the progress of societies, understanding the professional as a public servant and integrating equality into the many ways of seeing, all in a single living space. This added value has been the driver for the Biennial, to be an event for young people, where they can find and reaffirm their true call in creating connections with the world that surrounds them.





“We are creators of alternative platforms for interaction for our profession” Describing the Biennial as a poster competition would be a mistake. One must first understand the transformation that it produced in relation to similar events, and that’s where its true value as a design event lies. That transformation is the basis for a Biennial with an agenda where human value comes first. The academic experience, either while learning or teaching, and the practice of dealing with different professionals, are without a doubt the main engine of the event. This amounts to a contribution to the history of design in Bolivia.




Generating calls to action and leadership through education, giving individuals value, and generating the search for common benefit in the exercise of our practice as goals of the Bienal.


BICeBé has moved from inspired to inspiring, and from following examples to setting them.


Its relationships and interactions with cultural organisations, academic training spaces, and foreign representations in the country are permanent. There is arduous work in maintaining the standards and the care of its legacy, fully respecting the intellectual and property rights of the pieces in the archive. The BICeBé does not market its samples or itineraries and maintains within its independence of action, the privilege of these professional rights.


The Bolivian Biennial is the ideal framework for integration and coexistence of masters and young students






The projected plan of each event comprises a schedule filled with activities where professionals and students from Bolivia and the region all take part. Master designers from all over the world attended the experience to be an active part of its agenda. The Biennial is formed by the main exhibition and Award Ceremony of the International Poster Call, the International Design Congress with Lectures, the Academic Symposium of Teaching in Design with the support of the main universities in Latin America, Design  and Creative Talks open to everyone and opening of several additional exhibitions linked to masters, countries, social and cultural themes, homages and/or tributes, forming a valuable collection of visuals and history of posters and design.


— text provided by BICeBé (adapted by ico-D)


BICeBé 2017 Jury members with the Organisers (Bienal del Cartel Bolivia BICeBé)



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