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2      Introduction 

3      Creativity: a teachable skill? T F Warren
T F Warren, an American psychologist, is currently a member of the Faculty of the University of Wisconsin, where he is engaged in teaching and research.

6      Visual communication in East Africa Walter Plata
Walter Plata lectures in the Depart· ment of Design, University of Nairobi, Kenya. He was educated and trained in Germany, where he started designing visual communication in 1950. In 1961 he began teaching as assistant professor of graphic design at Rhode Island School of Design and has since been both a designer and teacher in many countries

8     National Institute of Design, Paldi, Ahmedabad, India Walter Plata
Below, one of the projects undertaken by the Institute, the design of a Devanagari script suitable for mechan­ised printing. Devanagari script is used by the 237 million Hindi speaking people of India. Many of the other scripts used by the various linguistic groups in India are derived from Devanagari. Within the context of a national programme for mass education and improved communi­cation, the development of a Deva­nagari script suitable for mechanised printing, such as typewriting, type­casting and photocomposition, was vitally important. The consultant for this project was Adrian Frutiger.

9      An American view of British graphic design education Al Gowan
Al Gowan is head of Graphic Design at Boston University, USA, and edits Designcourse, an international quarterly. He operates a freelance design office in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

10      Relating teaching to what is known about learning David Warren Piper
David Warren Piper is an educational psychologist with considerable experience of teaching in design and architectural schools. He is currently working at the University Teaching Methods Unit of the University of London Institute of Education.

12      Learning at home for pre-school children
345 Limited is a company specializing in the production and marketing of aids to pre-school education. Their products are aimed at helping parents to guide their children's development, through play at home. They have developed materials for three main areas, prereading activities, number sense and speech development. A series of books includes picture stories, rhymes, puzzles, tear-out games and gramophone records.

15      The 'finger exercises' of Jurriaan Schrofer
With acknowledgements to the artist and to the publishers of the Dutch magazine Graficus Revue.

16      Designing books that present a visual argument Kurt Rowland
Kurt Rowland was born in Vienna. His freelance career began in 1951, and his association with a London educational publishing firm provided the impetus for him to write and design his remarkable Looking and Seeing and Learning to See, a series of books for schools designed to act as courses in visual education.

18      The myths of art and science Patrick Wallis Burke
Patrick Wallis Burke, Executive Editor of this journal, is also Principal Lecturer in Graphic Design to the School of Graphic Design, Ravens­bourne, a Diploma College near London.

21      Problems of adult education Ake Edfeldt
Ake Edfeldt is Professor in Education in the University of Stockholm. He has published a number of books and articles on reading, communi­cation effects, and behaviour modification. He has also produced various television series on general adult education and emotional training at work and in home life.

22      Our collective knowledge