iridescent vol. 1 issue 1

2009 Iridescent


06      Foreword: A vibrant future for design research Russell Kennedy

08      Introduction: The essentials Omar Vulpinari

10      From the editor: Iridescent—a prism in design research Max Bruinsma

Icograda education network conference 2009 papers

12      Bridging diversity: ethical considerations in design education Audra Buck-Coleman, Ann Mcdonald, Mark Biddle

22      Trust and relationship building: critical skills for the future of design education in online contexts Karin Watson, Simon Mcintyre, Ian Mcarthur

30      To unveil and motivate: curriculum principles and case studies inspired by the aspen design challenge Anne Ghory-Goodman

40      Transforming design thinking into collaborative innovation: Meeting the emerging needs and demands of a complex world through design thinking and collaborative innovation Eric Ligon, Michele Wong, Kung Fong

48      What use is design education? Lawrence Zeegen

52      Helping design educators foster collaborative learning amongst design students Joyce S R Yee, Kathryn Mckelvey, Emma Jefferies

64      A fading tradition: design as a portal to the discovery of one’s own cultural heritage Deborah Alden

72      Issue-based design education: Changing the way future communication designers are taught in a global society Paula Dimarco

82      Visual transliterations of oral combinations of languages in Lebanon Antoine Abi Aad