ico-D is now ICoD

02.09.2020 Announcements

In 2014, to reflect becoming multidisciplinary, our name changed to the International Council of Design. The acronym we had used for over 50 years, Icograda, was replaced by a contracted version, ico-D, pronounced ay-coh-dee and ee-coh-dee. In the interim a little something called ‘social media’ has blossomed. The special character, a dash: “-”, rendered our name un-hash-tag-able and un @-able, something of an impediment in this day and age. 
With our new web presence forthcoming, we are moving towards more cohesive identification across our platforms.
The acronym for the International Council of Design is now ICoD (replacing ico-D). You will see this acronym deployed throughout all our platforms and publications (still pronounced the same as it always was!) 
World Design Day has become International Design Day.
We hope that these small adjustments will make it easier for all you to interface with us across all platforms. Questions? Contact our Communications Officer, Alisha Piercy at communications@ico-d.org