ICoD code of conduct translated to turkish

17.04.2023 Announcements

The Council is pleased to announce the Professional Code of Conduct for designers now exists in the official Turkish translation produced by ICoD Member the Turkish Graphic Designers Association (GMK).

The International Council of Design presents the Professional Code of Conduct for designers as an international standard and reference. It is an aspirational document, intended to serve as a touchstone for professional associations crafting their own Codes and to support educational institutions developing curricula. It is a tool for any designer who seeks to adhere to international standards. So far the Code has been translated into Spanish (OT), Polish, Japanese, Lithuanian and Arabic. The Turkish translation is the most recent.

The Turkish Graphic Designers Association (GMK) are happy to lead the Turkish edition of the Code of Professional Conduct for Designers, the guiding text in the design field from the International Council of Design, of which they have been a member since 1993.

Download the Code of Conduct here.