Icograda welcomes 10 new member organisations

Montreal (Canada) - At the recent board meeting in Montreal (Canada), the Icograda Executive Board approved the applications of ten new member organisations in the following categories: three professional, five educational, one promotional and one corpora
Montreal (Canada) - At the recent board meeting in Montreal (Canada), the Icograda Executive Board approved the applications of ten new member organisations in the following categories: three professional, five educational, one promotional and one corpora

11.10.2011 News

Montreal (Canada) - At the recent board meeting in Montreal (Canada), the Icograda Executive Board approved the applications of ten new members. Icograda adds three professional members: ABEDESIGN (Brazil), Association of Polish Graphic Designers (Poland) and Danish Design Association (Denmark); five educational members: Art Center College of Design - Designmatters (United States), CADD Centre - Dream Zone (India), Greenside Design Centre (South Africa), Kyoto University (Japan), MAEER's MIT Institute of Design (India); one promotional member: Mission Design (Canada); and one corporate member: Lava (Netherlands).

Professional Members

ABEDESIGN, Brazilian Association of Design Companies - S?o Paulo (Brazil)

[Image: ABEDESIGN logo]ABEDESIGN (Brazilian Association of Design Companies) was founded is 2006 and aims to promote Brazilian design, contribute to continued improvement and growth of the market and to facilitate professional activities among design companies. The association is responsible for defending its members' interests in public institutions, governmental and diplomatic entities, among others.

ABEDESIGN has more than 170 associated companies that participate in monthly planning meetings and in seminars relevant to the sector. The organisation has five administrative directors, each responsible for a management portfolio: Commercial Promotion and Encouragement, Board Representation, Regional Expansion, Business Management and Regulatory Subjects.

ABEDESIGN seeks to establish an international network to be more connected with major events, information and other developments in the communication design field around the world. It also intends to demonstrate strength of brazilian design to other design communities.

Association of Polish Graphic Designers - Warsaw (Poland)

[Image: Association of Polish Graphic Designers (STGU) logo]The main goal of the Association of Polish Graphic Designers (Stowarzyszenie Twórców Grafiki Uýytkowej; STGU) is to defend the creative independence of designers together with the rules and regulations of reliable, professional design and the prestige of the graphic designer profession. Since 2004, the STGU has promoted the idea of 'good design' and the need to invest in professional design as a practical tool to manage branding, corporate strategy and public space.

STGU organises workshops, exhibitions, national and international graphic competitions. It brings together graphic designers and other visual authors in Poland and raises the level of visual culture in the society. The association attempts to explain that high quality graphic design translates to success in commercial activities. They cooperate with public and private-sector commercial companies, government institutions, non-governmental organisations, culture sector and education sector. The STGU is the largest organisation of this type in Poland.

Danish Design Association - Copenhagen (Denmark)

[Image: Danish Design Association logo]The Danish Design Association (DDA) is the trade association for Danish design companies. DDA was founded in 2007 by a number of the leading Danish design companies. DDA represents the interests of designers from all the creative disciplines from graphic design and illustration to product design, web design, service design, design management, interaction design, furniture design.

In joining Icograda, DDA hopes to advance the agenda of design even further and to have an influence global design topics. They hope the network will prove to be second to none, and that they will learn more about the development of design in other parts of the world - helping them understand the DNA of Danish design even better.

Educational Members

Designmatters at Art Center College of Design - Pasadena (United States)

[Image: Designmatters at Art Center College of Design logo]Designmatters is where art and design education meets social change.

Since 2001, Designmatters at Art Center College of Design has offered meaningful opportunities for students to apply their creativity and skills to address pressing humanitarian and social challenges with empathy, discipline, and unwavering optimism to effect change. Through the Designmatters Department, students, faculty and alumni participate in trans-disciplinary studio courses, special projects and international internships defined by aesthetic value, business acumen and an expansive agenda for social innovation. Designmatters projects are local, national and global in scope and focus on four key thematic areas of inquiry: public policy, sustainable development, global healthcare and social entrepreneurship.

Dream Zone at CADD Centre - Chennai (India)

[Image: Dream Zone logo]Dream Zone, school of creative studies, offers industry-relevant courses in animation, interior design and fashion design to provide hands-on skills, experience and the creative muscle that the employers demand from a professional profile. These courses allow an individual to gain specialisation and to develop appropriate professional knowledge and skills to work in the field of his/her choice.

In joining Icograda, Dream Zone seek to be in the midst of professional graphic designers around the world.

Greenside Design Center - Johannesburg (South Africa)

[Image: Greenside Design Center logo]Greenside Design Center (GDC) is a Private Higher Education Institution offering Bachelor of Arts Degrees and Bachelor of Arts Honours Degrees in Interior, Graphic and Multimedia Design. It was established by Des Laubscher and Ingrid Templer in 1987 and originally began as an Interior Design College. In 1994 Graphic Design was introduced, and Multimedia Design in 2003. The college accommodates approximately 400 students and employs approximately 20 academic and 15 administrative and support staff. The institution has one campus which is situated in the trendy suburb of Greenside, Johannesburg.

Greenside Design Centre would like to collaborate with like-minded communities both locally and internationally to further their committment to providing quality education to their students and to nurture a strong research culture among their staff.

Kyoto University of Art and Design - Kyoto (Japan)

[Image: Kyoto University of Art and Design logo]Kyoto University of Art and Design (KUAD) is one of leading art and design universities in Japan. It has the most students at the undergraduate and graduate school (including curriculum by correspondence) level. The university is located north-east of Kyoto city, near heritage sites such as Ginkakuji temple, Manshu-in temple, Shisendo temple and Shugakuin Imperial Villa.

Kyoto University of Art and Design covers nearly all areas of art and design, including graphic design, animation, Manga, films, fashion design, jewelry design, interior design, architecture design, landscape design, performing arts and fine arts. In its 34-year history, many graduates have played active roles in their areas of art and design in Japan and the world.

Through association with Icograda, KUAD wishes to foster a world wide network with educational institutions and design industry - especially in Asia. It also seeks to draw advanced knowledge and expertise from projects or programmes offered by other educational institutions. KUAD also seek to increase their visibility in the international world of design.

MAEER's MIT Institute of Design - Pune (India)

[Image: MAEER's MIT Institute of Design logo]MIT Institute of Design (MITID) is one of the premier institutes for Design Education in India; it began operations in August 2006. The institute is an initiative started under the guidance of today's leading minds of Design Education in India, and we plan to develop its identity as a research and training Institution of the highest international quality. MIT Institute of Design offers programs at both, Graduate and Post-Graduate level. It offers diploma programmes in Communication Design and Industrial Design.

MITID seeks to establish a strong network, through Icograda, with various international Universities in order to explore opportunities for student/faculty exchanges, joint collaborative projects and generally increase global opportunities for its students. It also seeks to establish links with the global design industry.

Promotional Member

Mission Design - Montréal (Canada)

[Image: Mission Design logo]Founded in 2009, Mission Design is the agency that promotes design, architecture and urban planning in the province of Québec, Canada. A non-profit organisation mandated by the government and supported by the private sector, their 'mission' is to help businesses and public organisations better leverage the power of design as a tool for economic development and improved quality of life.

Mission Design seeks to stay informed and connected with the international design community. As a member of Icograda, Mission Design hopes to have unique opportunities to connect with like-minded organisations for opportunities to collaborate, share knowledge and advance design in Québec.

Corporate Member

Lava - Amsterdam (Netherlands)

[Image: Lava logo]Lava is a creative environment that has, as the name suggests, a burning passion at its core. Founded in 1990 Lava's experience is rich and widespread with clients ranging from the cultural to the corporate. Working throughout this vast spectrum of graphic design, Lava has a diverse portfolio with recurring work in the area of editorial design and identity development.

Lava's design philosophy has not been created but rather it has been found throughout its work experience. In editorial design Lava understood the paradox of creating consistency and change. A magazine needs to be recognised as the same magazine this month as last month and at the same time it needs to be different. Designers need to repeatedly manage this paradox of consistency and change. Lava applied this discovery to other areas in design specifically the area of identity design. Identities need to be consistent AND they need to change. We call this Dynamic Identities.

Lava's focus on providing clients with surprising and creative solutions remains consistent, how Lava does this repeatedly changes.

Lava joins Icograda recognising that connection to the international design community has become an essential factor in today's world. This connection is more importantly a two-way connection. The team hopes to offer insights from their position in Holland and to learn from the larger international design community.

Membership Information

You can learn more about the benefits of being a member and the categories of membership available under the Members section of the Icograda website.

For more information about membership, please contact:

Sergio Figueredo
Membership Coordinator
T: +1 514 448 4949 x 233
E: sfigueredo@icograda.org

Montreal (Canada) - At the recent board meeting in Montreal (Canada), the Icograda Executive Board approved the applications of ten new member organisations in the following categories: three professional, five educational, one promotional and one corpora
Montreal (Canada) - At the recent board meeting in Montreal (Canada), the Icograda Executive Board approved the applications of ten new member organisations in the following categories: three professional, five educational, one promotional and one corpora